Re: Autoguider correction frequency

Roland Christen

In a message dated 4/3/2008 12:55:50 PM Central Daylight Time,
rickwiggins@... writes:

Here are some of my settings with an AP155 on a AP1200 mount, guided
with a Tak FS60C and ST :
Periodic error = less than 0.8 arc secs PtP
Guider settings: Min error=0.04 pixels Max error=0.10 pixels, rate =
1x, aggressiveness 5 (=50%), exposure 2 secs
With these settings I am getting RMS guider errors of approximately
0.08 pixels and instantaneous errors not usually exceeding 0.2 pixels
This is on average seeing evenings. Even with these readings, I am
getting real corrections on mnay of the cycles.
You will always have some drift in both axes, even with perfect polar
alignment. Unless you are pointing straight up, the stars do not move at exactly the
sidereal rate, therefore RA will drift. They will move faster, and you will
get Dec drift also, simply because the real sky is slightly distorted by the


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