Re: Autoguider correction frequency

Steve Reilly <sreilly@...>

I've seen these problems before and it had to do with screen resolution. Try
maybe 1024x768. On my monitors at the suggested max 1680x1050, all is well.
Are you using normal font size or larger?



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I have the same problem.
I'm using Firefox.

dan kowall

Alan Voetsch <alan_voetsch@ <>>
wrote: Internet Explorer.


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I made the web site but did not check with every browser. There
probably is a problem.

What web browser are you using. I'll check it out on my end.

Bob Piatek

On Mar 31, 2008, at 11:15 AM, Alan Voetsch wrote:
Hey Bob,

I wonder if it just my computer, but there are several areas in this
link where
text is covered by other text making it nearly impoossible to read.


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http://www.fishcamp <>

Astrophotography: http://www.pbase. <>
Astrophotography: http://www.pbase. <>

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