Re: Astro-Physics Keypad Firmware Version 4.15

Pierre Henrotay


just to tell that I performed the upgrade from 4.12 to 4.15 today on
my Mach1.
Very smooth installation; the upload guide is pretty detailed and
very helpful.

Just one small note: connecting the motor cables is not required (and
so says the upload guide) but if you don't do so, be prepared to get
one or two messages on the keypad with "Motors stalled"; just hitting
the Menu key resumes the operation.

I have been very much concerned with the east longitudes glitch (I
live E5 50... which was interpreted before as E4 10...), this is now
correctly handled indeed, many thanks for this.

Nice WE to all !

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Hi Everybody!

We have put a new version of our keypad firmware up on the website -
v.4.15. This is NOT a complete new version of the firmware. That
will be the upcoming v.4.20, which is still undergoing some final
tweaking. This version addresses some of the issues that customers
in eastern longitudes were having with their location and time zone
data. All of you in the western hemisphere can simply ignore this
update, but anyone east of the Prime Meridian will want to upload
v.4.15 to your keypads right away. Functionally, v.4.15 is
to v.4.12, so you can continue to use your v.4.12 manual. In fact,
there is a newly updated manual for v.4.12 on the website that we
encourage you to download. We have also prepared a v.4.15 Addendum
that goes into a bit more detail on the issues addressed by the new
firmware. Version 4.15 and the documentation can all be found in
Technical Support Section of our website:


Contact us directly if you have forgotten or misplaced the username
and password to download the keypad firmware.


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