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What guiding rate did you set the AP ASCOM driver to (on the ASCOM
panel - NOT the PHD settings) when you used PHD - I believe it has
1x, 0.5x, and 0.25x as choices. I was wondering which to use when I
give it a try. Also, while I'm asking, what RA aggressiveness did
you select.


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Murray, I use a 900GTO and the Orion guider along with PHD. Last
week I
tried the guider for the first time and found that for my rough
alignment and available stars, 2 second exposures provided me with
round stars for my 15 minute test frame. I'm sure I could have
gone longer
between exposures but since it worked I didn't mess with the
settings after
that. One note, I did have to reduce the ms step size from (I
think the
default was 1000ms) to like 100ms. By default, the cal star would
leave the cal box if left alone. Once I changed it to 100ms, this
how far the mount would move and I had solid guiding.


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I have just bought the Orion Starshoot autoguider camera and have
some very sharp images with a TAK scope on an AP900 mount.

Has anyone else tried this system and if yes, what frequency
do they have for the corrections. I have a friend with a
Paramount ME
who says his guider corrects 10 times a second; this seems rather
to me. Does anyone have strong views as to how often the guider
correct a reasonable AP900 ?



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