Re: Autoguider correction frequency

Roland Christen

In a message dated 3/27/2008 3:19:06 PM Central Daylight Time,
mphammick@... writes:

Has anyone else tried this system and if yes, what frequency setting
do they have for the corrections. I have a friend with a Paramount ME
who says his guider corrects 10 times a second; this seems rather high
to me. Does anyone have strong views as to how often the guider should
correct a reasonable AP900 ?

10 times a second is quite fast and is usually associated with the AO7 or AO8
device. You can correct the mount this fast, but normally the correction
rates are anywhere from 1-2 seconds to 10-15 seconds, depending on how well your
mount is polar aligned, the amount of drift you get, and the focal length and
pixel scale that you're working with.


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