Re: Autoguider correction frequency

Kent Kirkley

In a message dated 03/27/08 15:19:06 Central Daylight Time, mphammick@... writes:
I have just bought the Orion Starshoot autoguider camera and have got
some very sharp images with a TAK scope on an AP900 mount.

Has anyone else tried this system and if yes, what frequency setting
do they have for the corrections. I have a friend with a Paramount ME
who says his guider corrects 10 times a second; this seems rather high
to me. Does anyone have strong views as to how often the guider should
correct a reasonable AP900 ?


That is strange.
What guider exposure would he be using....1/10 sec.???
That might only work on a very bright star.

Generally, I use 1 sec. guider exposures and have corrections made anywhere from 1 to 6 seconds.
(SBIG remote guide head-STL-11000)
If guider exposures and corrections are too fast, they can be 'chasing the seeing'.

Kent Kirkley

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