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Bill Bradford

Thanks, Roland.

I have the RJ-11that came with the camera but need a serial to RJ-11 adapter. The guide output on my ST-8XME with the CFW 9 is a serial jack instead of the RJ-11 jack on the CFW 8. I think this is a recent change. The CFW 9 does not have a guide output jack, as did the CFW 8.


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> I am beside myself with excitement (my wife thinks I have "gone round the
> bend" :>), because I heard from the good folks at Company Seven that my
> Mach1 will be shipping soon. Christmas in March. :>)
> I will be guiding the mount with my ST-8XME and have a question regarding
> the guide cable. With the ST-8 I received an RJ-11 cable. I also have a
> serial to RJ-11 adapter that I received a long time ago with my Tak mount.

All our mounts use the same guide cable (see Pinout for Autoguider in the
Technical Support section of our website). This cable is normally supplied with
every SBIG camera and has 6 pins on it. It is a standard 6 pin RJ-11-6
telephone cable available at most electronic stores, if you don't have one already.
Just plug one end into the camera, the other end into the mount servo and you
are done. Nothing else is required.


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