Mach1 Guide Cable

Bill Bradford

I am beside myself with excitement (my wife thinks I have "gone round the bend" :>), because I heard from the good folks at Company Seven that my Mach1 will be shipping soon. Christmas in March. :>)

I will be guiding the mount with my ST-8XME and have a question regarding the guide cable. With the ST-8 I received an RJ-11 cable. I also have a serial to RJ-11 adapter that I received a long time ago with my Tak mount.

It has ST-7-RC on it and has male pins at 2 thru 7 and at 9, on the end that connects to the camera. Can this be used to guide the Mach1?

I also have a serial to RJ 11 adapter that has RC-7 on it and has male pins on the 3 thru 7. Can this be used?

If these cannot be used, I would much appreciate any information on what serial to RJ-11 I need to get.


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