Re: AP 1200 got lost again!


And.. you don't even have to power the mount off. Just move it by
hand to center an object in your finder, locate and center it in your
camera, and then synch again (as long as you're on the West side of
the pier facing Eastward)


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Note that I am not blaming the mount. The current requirements
just make
it a bit more
difficult for me to use it. Because of the issues I have run
into in the
past, I haven't
developed confidence that I can park/unpark the mount remotely.
You don't have to park this mount. It will not get lost if you
simply turn
off the power with the scope at any convenient place. You don't
need to unpark
the mount either. Just turn the power back on and let a suitable
initialize it (Pulse Guide) - no need for the keypad to do
anything. The mount will
not be lost. It knows exactly where it is. The only way it
gets "lost" is if
your external program changes something and re-defines the present
RA position
with a new one.

And yes, according to the post headline, you are blaming the
mount "AP 1200
got lost again!" The fact is that your external programs sent the
mount to a
new place by redefining the present RA position.


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