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I had an issue for awhile with the mount's lat/long position. For
some reason, it was positioning me somewhere near China (I'm in
California). And the mount was diving under as you say. I'm sure
you have done this, but check the E/W of your longitude setting. If
you are in the USA, it should be W. For some reason that I still
can't determine, between uses, it got changed. Perhaps PemPro is
adjusting that setting for you?


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Normally the servo will re-assign a new RA number to the position
where you
are only when you send a new RA number along with a Sync or Rcal to
the mount.
If that is not happening in your sequence, then perhaps something
else is
being sent to the mount. That something might be a new time. If new
time data is
being sent to the mount, the RA position is not altered, however
the horizon
and overhead hour angle position is changed, and this might place
the present
position underneath the mount in the servo logic, so that for the
next entry the
mount will try to acquire the object on the wrong side of the
mount. I'm
betting that the mount is not lost, it is simply getting a signal
from the
external software to redefine the present RA position.

My advice would be to work with Howard here at AP so that he can
your exact conditions with the same software, while monitoring the
serial port to
see what commands are being sent by the external software during
this cycle
(you can do this too with Portmon).


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I realize there are situations where the AP mounts can lose it's
orientation...the senarios have been discussed on this group ad
nauseum. It has happened to me multiple times, but I have
been able to figure out why.

In this case, however, I am completely baffled. I turned on my
by applying the power...autostart is ON. I link the mount with
Sky and slew to a star in preparation for evaluating PEC with
PemPro. Once I have centered the desired star, I terminate the
with The Sky. I open PemPro which has been configured for the
AP1200 and begin collecting data. I collected three cycles of
for evaluation and generated a PEC curve which was uploaded to
mount. The mount was then disconnected from PemPro. I went back
and reconnected with The Sky and began to slew to another
target...then IT happened...the telescope started slewing to lala
land and going under the pier, which lately has become somewhat
commonplace. I then have to shut down the mount, reposition in
reference park and reboot to regain orienaion. I repeated this 3
times to see if it would continue to DID.

Now to answer some of your questions...No, I did not sync OR
recalibrate at any time...No, I did not switch between the
control and hand controller...I have read all the posts
the problem with "getting lost" and I fully understand how the
works (Roland is quite clear in his explainations of the function
these wonderful pieces of art and engineering he has produced).
just get a little frustrated and disappointed when the mount
to get a mind of its own during times when I least expect it...I
have to be able to trust the mount since I have a TEC 200 and
STL11000 riding on the back of this guy.

What now?


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