Re: Dec Autoguiding problem finally fixed (I think)

Roland Christen

In a message dated 3/26/2008 9:10:44 AM Central Daylight Time,
chris1011@... writes:

I haven't been so lucky. I adjusted my dec mesh with
instructions on the phone from Howard at AP. While it took out the
dec play I was seeing, it did not solve my dec oscillation problem.
Not sure what to try next, as it seems I've tried tweaking every
setting in Maxim. For now I'm relegated to shooting in the eastern
sky, where the dec behavior is stable.
One more thing: On the AP website under Technical Support, scroll down until
you get to the heading: "Mount Troubleshooting - For additional
troubleshooting tips, check the mount and keypad manuals." Click on: "Characterizing the Dec
Axis Motions (09-15-03) - PDF document." Follow the instructions in this PDF
to determine whether your Dec axis is moving properly. The instructions should
be plain enough for you to determine if you have a mechanical problem in this
axis. If so, then we can go to the next step.


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