Updated Keypad Manual

Howard Hedlund

Hi again everybody!

The latest version of the keypad manual is now posted up on the
website. It has a number of improvements that hopefully will allow
you to get more out of your Astro-Physics GoTo System.


We have tried to give better inclusion to issues affecting those of
you in the southern hemisphere in this version of the manual. In
particular, see the section on the Park Positions and the Daytime
Polar Alignment Routine.

There has been considerable discussion over the years on the various
polar alignment methods available to those who use their mounts in
the field instead of in a permanent observatory. This latest Keypad
Manual for v.4.12 has an expanded section on the GTO Quick Star Drift
Method that Roland has recommended many times to this group. In
addition to expanded instructions, we have included a table of
suggested stars to make the method much easier to use (Appendix I).
Check it out and see if it doesn't help you with this little chore
that all of us must face in the field. As always, feedback is

If your current keypad manual is several years old, you will also
benefit from the expanded discussion of the Sync and Re-Calibrate
commands in the Advanced Features Section. Also, the Command
Language sections are more up-to-date than those sections were in the
previous editions of the manual. Finally, there are many small
improvements that come about as customers ask questions that make us
realize that something wasn't explained as well as it could have
been. We hope that we are always improving our documentation, but
it's of no use if you, our customers, don't see the improvements.

May your skies be clear, dark and steady!

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