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Joe Zeglinski

Hi Gene,

One further question on the Marine connectors you use - are they interchangeable with using existing "standard cig lighter" products?

If I should buy some new device with a car cig lighter on it - or someone at a scope meet need to power something of his that has a standard plug - will it plug into the Marine lighter socket, or do I have to modify the new item replacing its plug with a matching Marine plug?
In other words, does the Marine lock-in socket preclude using existing cig lighter based products?

And vice versa - if I modify my devices to a Marine plug, will the Marine plug still fit into say a Celestron Power Tank on a field trip?

Because the Marine cig lighter sets are threaded to lock together, I am concerned about maintaining "existing compatibility". No use making a Marine connector based power system for back yard use, and not be able to use it with a standard purchased power pack away from home.


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The exact reference to the West Marine product is

Manufacturer Style
MARINCO - 009_275_007_002

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