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Joe Zeglinski

Thanks Gene,

Did a search on "Receptacles" at and see what you are talking about. I would say the 12v socket/plug used for boating is exactly what we should be using in field astronomy power. We face the same problems as boaters - vibration kicking out the plug, and possible water penetration. The 90 degree twist lock seems like a solid solution. Only a small inconvenience that every power cord device will have to be cut off and replaced at $12 a shot, and the socket will no longer accept standard 12v power cord devices in a pinch.

Then again, one could make a short "adapter cord" with the marine plug on one end, and one (or more) of the standard sockets to accept any standard cords, when required. Will have to consider this product - sure beats losing a long night of photography and ruin it because of a $160 12v plug.

Looks good - thanks for the lead.

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Regarding Cigarette Plugs and Receptacles
Your requirements are way beyond cigarettes, so look at these from ''
Performance is superb, I have several and recommend them
Cost accordingly
Gene R


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