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Joe Zeglinski


One of the things I worry about is using the Pyramid out in the open night air, especially in heavy dew.
My thinking is that night dew, or the hot power supply melting snow or ice crystals, might drip water, through the vents on top, onto the power circuits inside, causing a short, and shutting down the supply caused by an "internal" power drain.

Was your Pyramid, housed or protected in some way?


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I currently use a Pyramid 5 amp, 12-15 volt power supply that has one cigarette adapter inlet
along with one set of power posts that plugs into my AC source. Last night, with my dew
heaters cooking along the power supply overheated and shut everything down via the built in
protection circuit.

I would think that 5 amps (7 amp surge) would be plenty to run 4 dew heaters (main scope,
finder, guidescope, telrad).

I was wondering what every else used for a DC source. I did have a cigarette "y" splitter with
one leg to the scope and the other to the dew controller. Maybe it was bad or had a high

Thanks; maybe I need to upgrade.


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