Re: Velcro on pier?

Joe Zeglinski

Careful about using WD-40 to remove labels and glue from plastic.

It is mildly "corrosive", like acetone, and will etch the shine off of a soft surface.
Although it takes the squeak out of hinges, it also dissolves lubricants, eventually dries out, and then there remains no lubricant left behind - just the squeek.
There is an interesting tech spec document on the product on their website, but you have to search for it.


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YES! I have yards of the industrial stuff on my pier (and a few NASCAR
stickers too). It's all over the place so that I can slap that hand
controller back on the pier any any position, from any side (the hand
controller obviously has the contra side of the velcro).

You can clean any gunk off with something called "Goo Gone" available
at Casa Depot or Blowes. It's a citrus based product and works very
well. I'll bet Wally World sells it too. However, for those of us too
cheap to buy yet another cleaning product, I use WD-40. It makes
sticky tape gunk go away like magic... Duck tape and WD-40 - what
would the world be without those two items?


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Hello all,

I'm working on configuring my mount/pier inside my observatory.

Without going into too much detail and writing a novel here, I'm
considering wrapping parts of my AP portable pier in Velcro and
using that as attachment points for my various accessory items
(power supply bricks, focuser controllers, dew heaters, etc.).

Before I even go down that path, is that a wise approach to take?
IOW, will I regret having a bunch of Velcro on my pier that I'll
have trouble cleaning off later? Another way of putting my question
is, how easy will it be to clean off the adhesive residue from my
pier when/if I decide to remove the Velcro?

Any ideas on how better to organize the inside of my observatory
will be appreciated.



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