Re: Velcro on pier?

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Kent,

Try the 3M (red plastic) Velcro strip - two mating plastic strips, rather than cloth base. I found it in their electronics products I believe. Since magnets won't stick to anything on a car these days (few steel parts) - I attached a "hide a key" box under my front bumper with it, about 8 years ago, and it is still there after nearly a decade of road bumps, in all kinds of hot and cold weather, car washes, road dirt, road salt, etc. Not sure of the product code, but could probably hunt it up. Mind you, I never pull it off, so I can't say how long it would last mechanically - but for the pier, it probably won't get much wear and tear, from being pulled apart too often.


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I have several 'patches' of velcro on my AP1200GTO pier.
I use the Heavy Duty Velcro which is about 3 or so inches wide.
I have an, about, 3x4 inch patch below my AP pier tray that I use to attach my SBIG STL-11000
power brick. It works perfectly. I found the Velcro lasts about a year or so and then needs to be replaced as the adhesive looses its tack from temperature changes.

Removing any adhesive residue is easy with most any solvent; ie. GooGone, even W-40, etc.

Of course, the more patches you have the more work it is to remove them:))))

Kent Kirkley

In a message dated 03/13/08 14:03:09 Central Daylight Time, eja24601@... writes:
Hello all,

I'm working on configuring my mount/pier inside my observatory.

Without going into too much detail and writing a novel here, I'm
considering wrapping parts of my AP portable pier in Velcro and
using that as attachment points for my various accessory items
(power supply bricks, focuser controllers, dew heaters, etc.).

Before I even go down that path, is that a wise approach to take?
IOW, will I regret having a bunch of Velcro on my pier that I'll
have trouble cleaning off later? Another way of putting my question
is, how easy will it be to clean off the adhesive residue from my
pier when/if I decide to remove the Velcro?

Any ideas on how better to organize the inside of my observatory
will be appreciated.


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