Re: AP1200GTO Mount drives

Roland Christen

In a message dated 3/20/2001 7:48:34 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

I can hear
the DEC worm motor turning and the DEC position moves on the computer as if
it was slewing but no actual movement of the mount takes place.
Can this be fixed without a return to the factory?

If you can hear the motor turning, you have a good drive system. Now all you
have to do is make sure you have the gears engaged so that the motor is
actually driving the mount.

The DEC started to act very sloppy taking about 5 sec before it would move.
A press of North would take 5 sec befor moving then would move right away if
pressed a second time. Same with South. It was only on the second press
that it would move right away. I did not notice this at first since I was
imaging on a CCD and thought that I was just having problems centering the
object. When I would look visually I noticed the big delay.

Something has gotten loose in the gear train. The first thing I would do is
to remove the motor gearbox cover, turn on the power, and watch the motion of
the gears as you press the N - S buttons at 64x. You can see right away if
the gearbox is working correctly because all the little gears will be moving
in response to the buttons. If this works, then you call Wally or me at
815-282-1513, and have the mount sitting in front of you. We will then go
thru some quick checkouts with you to determine what the problem could be.

Roland Christen

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