Todd Gross <toddg@...>

Anyone out there other than Howard that has tried this thing?

I got it running, my laptop was set to COM4 !!!!!!!!!!!

It's cloudy, so I don't know how well it works.. but it definitely works,
voice and all

At 08:56 AM 6/16/99 -0400, howard lazarus wrote:
Hi Todd;
Once had the same problem. First of all are you presetting your scope, that
is, are you polar or two star aligning prior to utilizing the program????
Two, I too had to remove the side studs from the connector. Three, are you
plug in( all connections made) and program on when you are setting up. If you
use the keypad to align, the program, should be on and then just hit link
totelescope.I use the keypad for aligning and never rely on the program for
So program must be on...set using keupad ..then hit link to telescope and go
to any program on the program. I always go to a star to check centering of
Your pins are not reversed, I believe this is a bug in the program that we
must brought to Charles for correction.I hope I was of some little help, but
the same thing also happened to me..
Very best
Howard L

Todd Gross wrote:

Okay, I ran into a problem..

I have no problem with the mike (if I speak up) or the running of Digital
Sky Voice, but once hooked up to the scope, nothing happened. (scope did
not move, program functioned as if it had) I suspect the cable. I tried
both COM1 and COM2 settings in HARDWARE PREFERENCES.

The cable I used as serial, but was called "Mouse extention cable" Is it
possible the pins were reversed
(as a further illustration, I had to unscrew the little bolts (studs?) on
either side of the mail connector, because it was expecting to be "screwed
into".. which is why I'm suspecting that that may have been the culprit..
but I had thought it would work, so I am confused)


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