Re: 155EDF and Traveler on the 900GTO

John J. Kasianowicz <surpher@...>

HI Daniel,

Compared to the 1200 AP mount, the 900 is a much lighter load to carry and
to heft atop a portable pier. Unless you need the extra weight and torque
capacity (consider any larger scopes you might purchase in the future), the
900 may make more sense for your application.

John wrote:

My 155EDF plus Traveler OTA's together weigh in at about 15kg, which
with 5kg of visual/imaging accessories still is way below the load
handling capacity of the 900GTO. Or do you think 1200GTO is the
better way to go? Like for most of us, portability is important to
get to my dark site (about 2 hours from Santiago/Chile) - at least
until I retire and can live at a dark site up north ;-)

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