Retirement pain, 400 GTO, KD chip, firmware 4.12


I purchased a 400 GTO in 2000 with firmware 2.6, but I didn't make any
practical use of it until now, as I reached retirement and I have time.
Last week I upgraded chip in GTOCP2 and keypad software to firmware
4.12 with the help of an expert (of the italian AP representative
Apparently everything is in order: keypad say "all systems go",
latitude N 45:39:58 ; longitude E 8:58:46 Time zone:01, local sidereal
time, AP 400, are correctly entered and correctly displayed in Keypad.
Database objects in Keypad are not corrupted (I changed battery in
time). But:
1) If I put the mount in Park 1 position and I pass to Park2 or Park3,
these last positions are not reached (and vice-versa). No way to
simulate Polar alignment in daytime.
2) If I point a star in the East near meridian with the mount in West,
and I change the Meridian delay function, when I slew again to the same
star the mount tries to reach the star on the other side of the mount
but points toward another direction.
Is it me or my mount which needs urgent help or cure?
PS When I had firmware 2.6, two or three times I set outside the mount,
without checking parking positions,and apparently the mount correctly
slewed to stars and planets.

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