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Julien Bruyland

Thanks for the reply.
Below a short description of my handling and what happens:
a.. When I power up the mount, the keypad displays the main menu,and it briefly flash the phrase "Astro-Physics version 4.12" before proceeding to the main menu.
b.. The main menu is NOTdisplayed correctly as in the lower left corner of page 106 of the keypad manual. There is missing information for the imput numbers 5;6;7and 8.(this values are blank instead of containing an appropriate value.)
c.. Then I press 2 to enter the setup menu.
d.. The setup menu display correctly as shown at the top of page 107.
e.. Then I press 3 to enter the keypad options menu.
f.. The keypad options menu display is NOT correctly as shown on the left side of page 108. The top line on the screen should read: 1=Auto-Connect:YES It don't show a value of either: NO , YES , or EXT and is empty. Pressing the "1" key ,I cannot toggle among the three choices.
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> Hi,
> I bought a new AP 1200GTO with GTOCP3(version 4.12).
> The Auto-connect function is set from the factory to"yes".I cann't change
> the "auto-connect" function to "no" or to "ext"; even there is nothing
> filled,it's stay "blank.Normally you have to push "1"and it have to scroll,but
> nothing happens.Even most of the other functions I cann't fill (Locations&
> Time;Mount type....).

Post some pictures of the setup screen on your keypad so we can figure out
what you mean.


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