Measure rate in PulseGuide

Pierre Henrotay


(this one essentially for Ray I'm afraid)

if my understanding is correct, the "measure rate" computes the drift
in RA and DEC over a time period.
I am thinking of using plate solve to determine the coeffcients myself
(or better said via a script in MaxIm),
that is:
- take exposure 1
- wait xx minutes
- take exposure 2
- plate solve both and determine how far the center has moved (giving
drift in RA and DEC in arcsec)
- divide these figures by the time lapse in seconds

Does this make sense or am I overlooking something ?
If OK, is the drfit computed as from 1 to 2 or the reverse ?

BTW, I confirm the behavior observed a few weeks ago: with my setup, I
need to manually change the sign of RA and DEC rates (obtained via
I am using 1.34.


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