155EDF and Traveler on the 900GTO


While waiting for notification on the 900GTO mount, I am pondering
what will be the best way to attach both my 155EDF AND Traveler to
the mount.
Experience tells me to keep both instruments as close to the mount's
center of gravity as possible in order to reduce wind load and
counterweight. This means putting the telescopes closely side by side
on the same mounting plate. However, I did not find any accessory
plate that will allow for this "double barrel" configuration (maybe
because the width of the combination will interfere with the mount or
pier in some situations?)
On the other hand, with the Traveler riding "piggy-back" on the 155,
the distance between the 155EDF rings (65RING) on the 900RP ribbed
plate as seen in pictures, seems excessive for any existing accessory
plate/sliding bar configuration. And: will the Traveler's weight so
far out require counterweights that will push the set-up beyond the
900GTO's handling capabilities for imaging?
Anybody with experience - thoughts - solutions re. this subject?

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