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Oops, I got the lists confused in a flurry of personal responses. That was
supposed be a rely to:

[ap-ug] Newer Binoviewer Eyepieces

Robin Casady

Casady & Greene, Inc.

From: Robin Casady <>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 11:35:50 -0800
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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Mount capacity

I use a pair of 8mm Radians with the binoviewer. I have no trouble with them
when producing around 420x in a Tak TSC 225. Nor is there any problem when
used with an AP 130 f/8 with a BARCON lens to produce about 325x (if my
calculations are correct).

The Radians are not as clear as the Zeiss Abbe Orthos; the 10mm is my
favorite. However, they are, IMO, better than a Takahashi LE 7.5mm that I
used to own.

Robin Casady

Casady & Greene, Inc.


I know there's alot of obvious reading out there about the optimum
eyepieces to try for binoviewing, and I've done my share of reading.
(Todd Gross, scopereviews, saa archives, etc.).

Nothing I've seen really talks much about experiences using Radians
in the AP binoviewer.

The Radians have worked real well for my eyes and my eyeglasses, and
I'm very curious about how they work in the AP binoviewer and how low
in the Radian line you can take it and still enjoy comfortable

I am also curious about the Tak LE line, but it seems their eye
relief is bad across the entire line for eyeglass wearers.

thanks for any insights,

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