Re: Cable issues< Roland>

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Rolland,

Now that you mentioned it ... about that "cable guide" on top of the
Control Box, I always wonder what the reasoning was to place it there, as
opposed to one inch higher - in the empty channel, and screwed into the axle
itself. The other cable is attached that way. This would be one less step in
removing the control box (for those of us who do) - and leave the cable
harness in place on the mount.
Perhaps it might lay too close to the altitude knob - don't know. The answer
might be to replace all star shaped or cylindrical knobs with horizontal
bridge knobs, having "ramped bevelled sides". That probably wouldn't snag a
cable, bur still provide a horizontal "bar" shape, easier to grip with more
leverage. Otherwise, on future mounts, counter bore the knob area slightly, to
take away that cable nook under the knobs.

Wish you used a right angled Lemo connector in the Y-Cable. There would be
much less strain on the cables leaving the connector, which drop down by going
through a complete 180 degree bend. The Lemo connectors would be so prominent,
standing straight up - there is room, just move the AP logo up onto the white
part of the box. Also, the DEC motor connector would not lay the cable right
over the Polar Finder port, if a right angle connector would hold the cable
sideways, away from it.

Just a thought - looking forward to Howard's solution,

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We will have a simple solution that replaces all the affected the knobs with
set screws. These mount flush so the cable cannot get caught. By the way, if
you place the Dec cable into the nylon cable guide on the servo box, it will
hang in such a way that it really cannot get caught on any of the knobs. If
don't put it into the cable guide, then it can get snagged by the knobs.

As far as longer cables, if anyone wants a custom cable extension, contact
and we can certainly make such an item for your application.


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