Re: Cable issues

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Dan,

I assumed we are talking about the two knobs that lock the DEC axle to the
RA - although the four clutch knobs are probably worse.

Just thought of an even simpler fix for these two knobs, to prevent the
possibility of cable snag.
If you can find something like a "fat O-Ring" to slip down over the knob, to
close off the space between it and the DEC body, you would fill the space that
a cable could get jammed into. You could use just about anything, shaped like
an O-Ring, placed loosely under the knob. When it is tightened, the snag space
You could just as easily wrap a suitably thick (cord, string, etc.) around the
shaft, under the knob, to fill in that space.


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Are we talking about the clutch knobs?
If so, there's no need to reinvent the wheel, as there are special Allen
head bolts available from AstroPhysics that alleviate this specific problem.

dan kowall

Joseph Zeglinski <J.Zeglinski@...> wrote:

I don't know if this would help, but maybe it is time for AP to look at
using "rounded (parabaloid shaped) knobs, with finger hold impressions -
of like some of the fancy faucet knobs. I think cable snags might happen
often since the rounded face would let the cable slip off instead of
under a squared off edge.

Along that thinking, you could try finding a suitable paraboloidal knob
"cover" to fit or press over the existing knob, acting as a cable deflection
shield, to do the same thing, until a new one is designed.

I got this idea when thinking about those "plastic caps" that are used to
cover the two bolt heads sticking up off the floor around the toilet. They
conical and clip on and off, should you need to get a wrench to tighten the
floor attachment bolts.

Short term, a machinist could design a replacement knob and chisel stem
(like the AP one) for you, along these lines.


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Well, the DEC cable did it again and got caught under the locking knob
that holds the mount together. I hate to replace those so I am going
to try a biger tube around the cable. Anything else to try. It does
this when I move to Park 1 and the tube is pointing in the southwest.
That was the same position as it was in last time it did that. Maybe
moving the scope to the northwest first, then issuing a park 1 is the
way to prevent this. What do you think.


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