Re: Chip for 1200-GoTo

Roland Christen

In a message dated 3/18/2001 6:58:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

1.-When you just press quickly the #9 button (RECALIBRATE), the
object starts moving slowly out of the field, it does not matter if
you press it just once quickly or keep it pressed, the object keeps
moving out of the field.

I have asked Marj to send you a new chip to be installed in your servo box.
It sounds like there is a software problem in your chip.

2.-The PEC does not correct the periodic error, I trained it several
times (Trained and checked, then train again and rechecked), it has
less periodic error with the PEC OFF than with the PEC-PLAY.
I also rebalanced the OTA, it was ok, so that was not the problem
either, the GoTo function worked well, Venus was on the finder almost
at the center but not in the field of a 26mm Plossl that gives 192X
with the 5 meter 10" Maksutov, probably the "recalibrate key" moved
the last object I viewed before parking the mount.I found Venus at
around 12 O┬┤Clock saturday and sunday too.
My handpad shows "VERSION-2.4", I do not know if I need some upgrades
or the new chip.
I would like your comments concerning issues #1 and #2.
Your keypad version is not at fault. Soon you will be able to upload version
3 with some advanced features.

Roland Christen

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