Re: Pier for ap900

Joe Zeglinski

Sorry Olivier,

In my excitement over the G11 pier adapter release, I misread the
description of the "CBAPT" control box adapter (Duh!).

Frankly, I don't see the value of moving the AP900 Control Box to the G11
pier post - but some may find it handy.
Perhaps it is intended to get the cables out of the way, but you then need a
longer Y-Cable don't you? And, it is still going to get wrapped up, won't it?

But definitely buy the LT2APM !

I posted- in the PHOTO section of this group, a photo of my "former Losmandy
G11" on it's HD pier beside my new AP900 on another G11 pier with my
see: "AP900/AP1200 COMPARED"

I sold my G11/Gemini, and bought a used G11 HD pier, for field use with my
lovely AP900.

If you look carefully, you will notice, in the third photo, how handy the old
G11 control box was as a place to rest the AP900 KEYPAD :-)

Of course, it is quite easy to make a metal or wooden shelf and bolt it
into the G11 tripod ears, where the original G11 control box stood. All you
need is a rectangular piece of half inch board and nail on a "right angle
moulding" at the end, to prevent the AP keypad from sliding off. Or just hang
the keypad
from a S-hook through one of the ears.


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Hi Olivier,

You are in luck !!!!

Visit the AP web site and click on What's New.

AP has now released their LT2APM adapter as of Jan 29, 2008.

This adapter fits the AP900 (or the Mach1) mount into the "AP Flat
Surface Adapter" (normally used to mount an AP900 on a pier post). The
LT2APM is priced at $110 - well worth the money, and you will love the G11
Tripod/AP900 combination. Of course, you DO need to purchase the optional
AP900 Flat Surface Adapter.

Once you attach the LT2APM to your mount, you can treat it just like your
old G11 - drop onto the tripod bolt slots, twist, and turn the three knobs
to lock in place. If you don't already have a set of the optional Losmandy
knobs, buy a set - you don't want to fuss with 3 socket head screws in the
cold and dark.

You might also want to buy the AP keypad cradle (CBAPT), which you can
bolt to one of the old G11 tripod control box mounting ears.

Roland and Marj have done it again,
Enjoy !!!


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Thanks for the input. Do you need a special adapter between the AP900
and the G11 pier? Is this something available from AP?
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I've got an AP900 mounted on a G11 tripod (which I think is the
same one
for the GM8). It is carrying a Questar-7 MAK (26 lbs), and seems
quite stable.
I haven't done any imaging with it yet, to test it's stability, in a
wind, but
I think it is rock stable. Myself, I would not choose any other
portable pier,
based on carrying weight, and ease of use. I think a G11 pier and an
make a nice combo.


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Hello Group,
I put myself on the list for an ap900 a few months ago and I am
considering how to deal with a pier and whether I can use the 6"
column I presently have under my current mount (Losmandy GM8). I
realize the ideal size is an 8" pier but has anyone tried using a 6"
with an ap900 and with what results?
Thanks in advance

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