Re: Pier for ap900

Joe Zeglinski


I've got an AP900 mounted on a G11 tripod (which I think is the same one
for the GM8). It is carrying a Questar-7 MAK (26 lbs), and seems quite stable.
I haven't done any imaging with it yet, to test it's stability, in a wind, but
I think it is rock stable. Myself, I would not choose any other portable pier,
based on carrying weight, and ease of use. I think a G11 pier and an AP900
make a nice combo.


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Hello Group,
I put myself on the list for an ap900 a few months ago and I am
considering how to deal with a pier and whether I can use the 6"
column I presently have under my current mount (Losmandy GM8). I
realize the ideal size is an 8" pier but has anyone tried using a 6"
with an ap900 and with what results?
Thanks in advance

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