Re: Retrofits for QMD mounts

Rich N. <rnapo@...>

They would also *buy* a QMD 1200.

It looked great before I pushed send. ;-)


I'm sure there are plenty of people who would but a
used QMD 1200.


Thanks Marj,

That's why I just got on the list yesteday for a 1200 goto. Now what to
with that QMD?

Hey, does AP have white touch-up paint for the mounts?

John Gleason, dvj@...

From: Marj <astrophy@...>
To: ap-gto@...
Subject: [ap-gto] Re:Retrofits for QMD mounts
Date: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 7:37 AM

Initially, our goal was to allow upgrades for older 400, 600E, 900 or
stepper motor mounts. However, the accuracy demanded of a go-to mount is
much higher than a conventional mount. As the GTO model of each mount
developed, we redesigned various mechanical components to achieve
performance. These changes cannot be made to existing mounts. The cost
updating the electronics of an existing mount would probably be at least
$2,000 (the entire drive system and controller would have to be
yet an older mount would not be as accurate as the newer mounts. As a
result, we determined that upgrading would not be cost effective for the
customer. We have decided that upgrades will not be made available. I'm
sorry that it didn't work out.
Marjorie Christen
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