Quick star drift alignment (was: Re: Some questions from a Losma...

Pierre Henrotay

I confirm that I used Regulus and Dubhe for azimuth adjustments; they
are indeed north and south on approximately the same RA line (1 H
difference) and on the same side of the mount.

I think I'll have to start all over again and log my actions, there
must be something I did wrong.

I propose to come back on this later... just need clear skies. I do
have a mount indeed, but I could use it only 3-4 (bitter cold) nights
since received mid-december... this makes learning a bit hard and
frustating when things go wrong.


--- In ap-gto@..., chris1011@... wrote:
It works for 2 stars that are north and south on approximately the
same RA
line on one side of the mount. If you pick 2 stars on an east-west
line, then
you need to change your thinking by 90 degrees and use the N-S


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