Re: Help with Decision on Mach1

Joe Zeglinski


If that telescope load just meets the Mach1 limit, what will happen if
there is a breeze?
I think you are pressing your luck - better wait for an AP900, and leave
yourself some wiggle room.


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This is my usual imaging setup:

Scope - Heaviest is APM 130/780 or C9.25 at 20 lbs
Guidescope - Orion ST80
Finderscope - 50mm
Dual saddle setup
Camera - less than 2 lbs
Guidecam - one pound

I figure the total at right around 40 lbs, which is close to the
stated max of the Mach1.

I don't need a lot of portability - so this isn't priority.

I don't at this time anticipate larger scopes.

If I had a chance to buy one of these NOW rather than wait for a
900GTO, should I take it with my setup - will it be plenty robust for


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