Re: Some questions from a Losmandy user

Pierre Henrotay


5 arcsec within 15 minutes is absolutely great !!!

Honestly, I am still struggling with my AP Mach1 (received mid-
december) to get a proper alignment using the polar scope and the two
basic methods described in the manual (1 + Polaris or 2 stars).
With the polar scope alone, I am able to get within 5 arcmin if done
carefully. Compared to my Vixen New Atlux (and Sphinx) polar scope,
it is much less practical to use. My polar scope is the PASILL4, and
is apparenly made by Losmandy (name is engraved).
With method 1 + Polaris, I could never get better than 15-20 arcmin,
a frustration.
Method with 2 stars: still experimenting. Tedious. Many iterations
The manual points out that the problem can be that the scope is not
orthogonal; I have yet to verify (and I thought the 2 stars method
would minimize this problem if any).
I am able to align within 1 arcmin using 2 or 3 iterations of
PoleAlignMax. But this requires a PC.


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since years I am using a Losmandy G11 and a Titan HGM mount with
controller (level 4.04). Now I am thinking about using a bigger
mount to
carry my 12,5" Newton telescope for deep sky astrophotography, in
particular the AP1200GTO. Since living in a light polluted town I
need a portable setup.

But, there are some things I liked very much about my G11 and
wonder if
the AP1200GTO also provides some of these features:

- Polar alignment.
Using the model built up from aligning a two handfull of stars
Gemini controller is able to help finding the correct polar
alignment by a couple of arc seconds. In fact, I am able to
the telescope by less than 5" in less than 15 minutes.
I know that also the AP mounts offer some alignment method,
but less
sophisticated. How usable and effective are those methods?

- Polar scope.
What can be told about the polar scope. As far as I can see it
quite similar to those polar scopes for the Losmandy mounts.

- Newton on the block.
Is anyone using to use a Newton telescope on his AP mount? When
searching in the Internet I find a lot of RC or SC telescopes
well as refractors, but no Newton. I am interested in the
performance of the mount in that case.

- What is the power consumption when using GOTO with 600x
speed for slewing. What is the power consumption when running
siderial speed and guiding?

- What are the arguments for using an AP1200GTO over a Losmandy
Titan HGM?

That's enough for now. I appreciate your answers.

Thanks and best regards,

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