Re: Help installing ASCOM driver

Daniel Verschatse

Hi Bob,

Thanks for going through the trouble of posting that special
installer without Version check. It did the trick. Still don't know
why the stock one from the website wouldn't run though (XP Pro on
Dell Laptop).
Successful driver operation under ASCOM 5.0 with The Sky, MaxIm and
PemPro V2.0.
To bring this back on topic: used Pempro to polar align one of my
AP1200GTO's to within 3 arcminutes of the (southern) pole. Then,
over dinner, I acquired eight PEC curves that brought the raw PE down
from 3.7 arcsecs peak-to-peak (1.07" rms) to 2.1 arcseconds peak-to-
peak (0.59" rms). Probably could refine a little more but I don't
think I'll see a difference between PEC on or off when guiding anyway.
Great mount ! It really takes tracking out of the equation so we can
concentrate on other things. Still enough of those around to keep us
busy and on our toes <G>.


Daniel Verschatse
Santiago - Chile

--- In ap-gto@..., "Bob Denny" <rdenny@...> wrote:

Daniel Verschatse wrote:
Thanks for the prompt reply.
I looked into Regedit and it indeed gives 5.0 for the platform
Version on the second line.
There are two more lines:
(Default) REG SZ (Value not set)
SetTraceFile REG SZ

Looks to me like everything is OK. Yet I still get the error
Should I run your reg fixup file anyway to see what happens ?
No, don't bother with that. It's correct. I promise I checked that
installer on several systems (2K, XP, Vista) before posting it...

Well, to get you going I have built a special installer that has the
Platform 5 version check removed. Download


from the file section of this group, Bob Denny folder. Run it. You
cannot get THAT error message. But something isn't right, and I hope
that the true cause of the platform check won't show up after that!
Hopefully this will get you going.

I don't want to drag you through some long multi-day installer
debugging mess... so I'll keep my eye on this and see if it happens
anyone else, maybe someone I can work with on the phone. The
is so simple, I'm surprised it doesn't just work!

-- Bob

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