Re: Help installing ASCOM driver

Bob Denny

Daniel Verschatse wrote:
Thanks for the prompt reply.
I looked into Regedit and it indeed gives 5.0 for the platform
Version on the second line.
There are two more lines:
(Default) REG SZ (Value not set)
SetTraceFile REG SZ

Looks to me like everything is OK. Yet I still get the error message.
Should I run your reg fixup file anyway to see what happens ?
No, don't bother with that. It's correct. I promise I checked that
installer on several systems (2K, XP, Vista) before posting it...

Well, to get you going I have built a special installer that has the
Platform 5 version check removed. Download


from the file section of this group, Bob Denny folder. Run it. You
cannot get THAT error message. But something isn't right, and I hope
that the true cause of the platform check won't show up after that!
Hopefully this will get you going.

I don't want to drag you through some long multi-day installer
debugging mess... so I'll keep my eye on this and see if it happens to
anyone else, maybe someone I can work with on the phone. The installer
is so simple, I'm surprised it doesn't just work!

-- Bob

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