Re: Help installing ASCOM driver

Daniel Verschatse

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the prompt reply.
I looked into Regedit and it indeed gives 5.0 for the platform
Version on the second line.
There are two more lines:
(Default) REG SZ (Value not set)
SetTraceFile REG SZ

Looks to me like everything is OK. Yet I still get the error message.
Should I run your reg fixup file anyway to see what happens ?

Thanks again for your attention and help.


Daniel V.

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Daniel Verschatse:
When trying to install the new installer AstroPhysics(4.1.25)
(426kb) on my Ascom 4.1, I got an error message saying "The ASCOM
Platform 5 is required for this driver".
So, with some apprehension (I'm not an early adopter <G>), I
ASCOM 5 over 4.1 (no uninstall) successfully.
To my surprise I now still get the same message, even after
the computer. Same goes for RoboFocus(3.0.7)Setup.exe, BTW.
If you know how, look in the registry at


In the right hand pane of RegEdit, look for the PlatformVersion. Is
5.0? Is should be after installing the Platform 5.0. That's what the
AP installer is looking for. If it is not 5.0, I'm not sure why not,
as the Platform 5 installer is definitely set to update that value!

In order to help get you going, I have created a registry fixup file
that you can use even if you couldn't do the above. Look in the
section of this group, in the Bob Denny folder. There is a file Download it, unzip and read ReadMe.txt in that
zipfile for further instructions. It's really simple.

Let us know idf that did it.

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