Re: Help installing ASCOM driver

Chris Curran <curran.chris@...>


Thanks for the reply, but I'm good. I'm on 4.1 and not trying to
install anything from ASCOM web site - I got my 4.1.25 driver from
Ray's site last month (and only did so to get PEMPro v2 working). I
have no desire to jump on this 5.0 bandwagon just yet... :)


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Chris Curran wrote:

Well, that is confusing...
Yes, my mistake. I am sorry! I dod SO MUCH over the last couple of
weeks to get the whole new ASCOM site and Platform going... I just
missed this. I thought the file Ajai sent was an installer. It wasn't
it was just the bare driver.

Go back to the ASCOM site and get the driver setup again. It is really
an installer now. See my other messages


Again, I apologize!!! I made an assumption abobout the file sent to me
and it was wrong.

-- Bob

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