Re: Help installing ASCOM driver

Bob Denny

hewholooks wrote:
I believe that you can simply remove the old AP driver from the
Common Files/ASCOM/Telescope folder and replace it with the new one
by dragging it into the folder. At least it worked when I simulated
it on my computer.
Do not do this now. The file is now a real installer. Double-click it
to install.

I did find that when I downloaded the new ASCOM 5.0 platform, some of
the drivers that were listed in the ASCOM Telescope Chooser window
could not be selected because the "OK" button wouldn't be active.
This should only happen to drivers that have never been used. If a
driver existed from the old 4.1 Platform, and it had been used, it
will remember that it has been configured once, and still let you
click OK without going into Properties. The new Platform installer
does NOT touch any of that info.

-- Bob

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