East longitudes in 4.20 (was Re: GTO Summer Time) ?

Pierre Henrotay

And this is what the ASCOM driver does (it does get and set correctly
eastern longitudes).
The keypad 4.12 is in trouble.


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Hey Charles,

Wouldn't the correct value for E 5:50:00 be W 354:10:00 ?

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

Astro-Physics, Inc.



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Time) ?

I have to ask about this problem that Pierre is noting, i have test
this extensively with my keypad / controller combo with ALL versions
of the software

Ok lets detail here first,

Set the keypad to EAST 5:50:00 degrees choose say location 1 or any
of the 9 possible locations to store it.

Then set North: to what ever

Then i assume this is in timezone = 0, so set the timezone to 0.

Then power down the mount, AFTER of course pressing the GOTO button
to save the values to the domain.

Then power up the mount, select the location where you stored the
location and then you will of course init the mount..

Now when I did this, the results were this:

I then simply hooked up a serial cable to the port and ran
hyperterminal. I issued thre following commands:

:Gg# this returned +355*50:00 which is CORRECT for this location
of EAST longtitude of 5:50:00

I also confirmed the :Gt# to get the correct latitude, that was
correct and also the :GS# to obtain the lST 'local sidereal time'
was matching what the keypad came up with. Of course the keypad
the date time to the mount at startup so it is in sync.

The mount can only accept +postive values for longtitude on a 360
scale, so the value you noted in your email is not possible.

I recommend, you init your hand controller, reset it back to the its
original state, and then re-enter your longtitude in location one,
then confirm that this is the data stored in the hand-controller and
init the mount and then do the commands to poll the mount what comes

The values you noted do not seem possible given the code base, I do
not modify the longtitude other then to handle the EAST or WEST
with a
360 circle.

Thank you
Charles Sinsofsky

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speaking of a new firmware, could you check if the following is
solved in 4.20: eastern longitudes are not handled properly by
keypad. To illustrate: my location (E 5 50) entered via the
keypad is
incorrectly stored in the controller as E 4 10; the keypad always
shows E 5 50 but the Gg command deals with E 4 10.
Latitude is OK.
Western longitudes are OK.

Poor people living at E 5 59 end up located at E 4 01, which is
2 degrees away !


I am running 4.12, with chip version GTOCP3 rev L.
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Hi Andrew,

The fix has been incorporated into the next firmware version,
be v.4.20. V.4.20 was put out for beta testing some time ago. We
have unfortunately stalled over a few non-critical, but rather
time-consuming issues (requiring Marj & Roland's valuable
time), and
don't yet have v.4.20 ready for the public. It has been
the proverbial priority list for this winter, so we should be
v.4.20 released soon. If you should end up with a mount before
released, just contact me privately, and I will hook you up
with the
beta version so that you won't have to deal with the TZ-0 issue.

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

Astro-Physics, Inc.



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In 2005 (see thread 12462) I found a bug in the EXT function
zone 0. My GTO and Parallax mount were then destroyed in a
fire. I
have my name on the list for a new new AP mount. I was
know if the bug was fixed. Looking at the firmware update on
support site it looks there has not been a new release (i.e
XX.12). Can you advise if it was fixed and if not when it might

Thanks Andrew

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