Re: accuracy of PAS

Pierre Henrotay

Hi Gerald,
we both have experience of the Vixen (Atlux/Sphinx) polar scope and
like it; however I must say that I am not desperate in getting a fair
alignment (ie <5 arcmin) with the PASILL4 (Losmandy-made). I spent some
time yesterday and - by chance ? - was pretty close to true north as
PEMPRo and PoleAlignMax confirmed. Probably a question of patience. But
again, having a Vixen-like or Tak-like polar scope would be great.

--- In ap-gto@..., Gerald Sargent <sargentg@...> wrote:

The PAS's I have used show that it is the graticule that
is the key. The etched ones, edge illuminated are the
only usable ones in the S Hemisphere. Having said that
the printed graticule of the Vixen PAS is to me a better
alignment tool than the "Losmandy-AP". If AP were to
produce a better etched graticule it could significantly
improve matters for all.

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