Re: Error in AP keypad for East Longitudes

Pierre Henrotay

Additional info: a friend of mine has a AP900GTO, with CP2 and keypad
A test shows that his keypad - whether connected to my controller or
his controller - does behave correctly.
So the verdict is: keypad version 4.12 does not correctly set/get
eastern longitudes to/from the controller (gets E 5 50, displays E 6

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Hereafter my mail to AP support:


I have a brand new Mach1 (bought from Baader) and experience
problems: it
looks as if there is a discrepancy between the longitude displayed
/entered via the keypad and the one stored in the controller. I am
living E
of Greenwich (E 5 50, N 50 35).
To make it simple: my location (E 5 50) entered via the keypad is
incorrectly stored in the controller as E 4 10; the keypad always
shows E 5
50 but the Gg command deals with E 4 10.
Latitude is OK.
Western longitudes are OK.
I am running 4.12, with chip version GTOCP3 rev L.

Still waiting for feedback from AP.

Regards to all

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