Re: foam for cases


I used very high density open cell dark grey foam. It gives but quite
reluctantly, similar to the closed cell foam. Your choice of the
closed cell polyurethane foam should be excellent as well. For cases,
I managed to scrounge an old aluminum monitor case for the 1200 ra
section and a "Scopeguard" style case built for a heavy piece of
obsolete equipment for the dec section. Keeping them as small as
possible is really important, especially for the RA section. At 50 to
55 pounds, bulking it up is counter-productive to say the least. I
would think that even a half inch thickness of good closed cell foam
would be adequate with good handling and transport techniques; and up
to an inch of foam for even better protection if one isn't quite so
careful. More foam than that would be necessary if you were building
these cases for rough handling and shipping, but every inch adds
weight and bulk. Keeping them as light and small as possible is really
important for the 1200.


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I am going to make a set of cases for my 1200 and a couple sets for
friends with 900's. My thought was to use the polyethylene foam that
they shipped with but only use 1 layer of it to save space. I will
not be shipping with it but just moving it in and out of my truck for
the occasional star party so it will not have rough handling

I got a sample of the grey firm foam like found in most equipment
cases but it seems very mushy/ soft and would compress a great deal
with the weight of the mount and I fear offer little support unless I
use several inches. The foam that it came with is just the opposite,
very firm but if AP ships with it, it must be good.

I will build the boxes using Baltic Birch plywood with a removable
lid and had thought of making it so that the interior where the mount
sits is exactly the same size as it shipped, but the box ID size using
1 less piece of the shipping foam. The Dec assembly is not that large
so original size is not a big deal, but it would be nice to reduce the
size for the RA assembly mainly.

Any thoughts or opinions from what others have done?


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