Re: Error in AP driver

Pierre Henrotay

Hi Ray,

No: unfortunately, the value written by PulseGuide is _not_ retained
properly after a power cycle if the longitude is East.
Last test I did was to set the longitude to W 6 50 then change the
longitude via PulseGuide to E 5 50, then click "send to mount"
button, then power cycle then select location 1 again on the
Then I inspected the longitude: back to W 6 50 - so the value was
sent but not accepted.

I'd appreciate to have AP to check what is going on: I am now
thinking that the AP controller returns an incorrect string for east
longitude when the Gg command is issued.


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Hi Pierre,

So it seems that the problem might be fixed by changing the keypad
to write in the range -180 to 180 instead of 0-360. I think because
Pulseguide writes in the range -180 to 180 the value is retained
after a power cycle.


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as the AP protocol is extending the LX200, I read back the LX200
description (
<> )
This indicates the presence of the sign, and that East longitudes
negative (so -180 to 180 is the expected range).
The trace from ASCOM - and the log from PulseGuide both show a
near 360 (but wrong: 355*50 for E 5 50).

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Okay, I guess the docs just left out the sign desination.

Thanks Ray

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Hi Chuck,

Negative values work just fine in the test I just did.


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