Re: Broken clutch knob

Mark Squicquero

The previous post warning about glue in the threads is right on. There is no way to prevent "gluing" the broken piece to the mount with this technique. This will only work with an exposed broken segment. You have to protect the threaded hole no matter what you do in this case. The best suggestion so far was to use a left handed drill of the appropriate size. You must also protect the threaded hole with a small piece of tubing while drilling so that "when" the bit wanders it won't destroy the threads for the new clutch screw that you're going to put in. Just get a piece of brass tubing or similar, cut a small piece and place it in the hole. Then use it as a drill guide. As was previously mentioned, the increasing "bite" of the drill as it penetrates (with left handed torque of course) will eventually back the screw out. Use cutting oil, low rpm, moderate pressure. Worst case scenario: you'll need an extractor if it doesn't back out by itself, but the threads will
still be intact.


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