Re: Error in AP driver

Ajai Sehgal


Silly question: Did you click the "Get Lat/Long" button in the setup
dialog? Please start a trace just before you do and send it to me.
Also please tell me what appears in the dialog afterwards. This code
is very simple. The mount is reporting the CORRECT information from
your trace below +355*50:00 in AP's format really means E 005:50:00
in standard terms (they measure 360deg positive westward from the
prime meridian).

Here is how the driver works: After putting in the correct LAT and
LONG settings in the dialog initially, click APPLY. This will set
the values into the mount controller (you can also set them into the
controller by hand but BEFORE A GET make sure that the controller is
initialized and you have selected the correct location (I suspect
that you had not done this when getting the bogus values). After
that, clicking on GET LAT/LONG should correspond to the correct values


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Hereafter an extract of the file; puzzling !
[14:25:00] Transmit(":Gt#")...
[14:25:00] ...done
[14:25:00] ReceiveTerminated("#")...
[14:25:01] ...received "+50*35:00#"
[14:25:01] Transmit(":Gg#")...
[14:25:01] ...done
[14:25:01] ReceiveTerminated("#")...
[14:25:01] ...received "+355*50:00#"

When looking at location #1, it says
E 005:50:00
N 50:35:00
This is 4.12 revision L


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Look in the folder ..&#92;Program Files&#92;Common Files&#92;ASCOM
for 'TraceOn.vbs'. Double click it, select yes to the msg, run the
test. Double click 'TraceOff.vbs' in
the same folder to stop the logging. The log file should be in


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Sure, but how can this done ? I see no trace check box in the
for the driver. I suppose there is a trick.

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> I think a serial trace would identify what your mount is
> queried for the longitude.
> Chuck
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> Hello,
> I am the one who identified the glitch and posted on ASCOM-
> If further information or tests are needed, do not hesitate to
> contact me.
> This is a Mach1 mount, 4.12 GTO keypad. Driver is 4.1.25.
> Helper2.dll is dated 7-apr-2005, 45056 bytes.
> I wonder what is the impact. Any idea ?
> Regards,
> Pierre

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