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Since the top of the broken stud is 3 mm down in the threaded hole, if
glue of any sort is put on top of it and the other piece is threaded
in, any excess glue will be forced out of the space between the two
broken pieces and into the threads both above and below the break,
since there will be no where else the excess can go. I seriously
doubt that there is anything that can be done to seal the threads
adequately to prevent this, since the glue is relatively
incompressible. If the amount of glue used is so small that there is
no excess to squeeze out, it might work, but the proper amount is
probably difficult to estimate.


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You can protect the threads from the glue by putting wax at the
interface of the bolt and threads. Most glues will not adhear to wax
and it forms a fairly good barrier. The thing that troubles me is that
enough force was present to shear the bolt. I am not sure this can be
done without an easy out. I do think and easy out will work though.
Most of us that have had trouble with them were trying to get out
wrench-tightened bolt remains, not hand tightened.

Best of luck,

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The risk with this approach is that if any of the glue gets into the
threads of the broken off stub, it could end up acting like a thread
locker, making the broken piece difficult to remove at all, even with
proper equipment.


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> If the screw part that is still in the mount is not stripped or
> jammed into the thread wall maybe try crazy glueing, or some other
> strong epoxy, the knob back onto the bolt and let it set for
maybe a
> day and then try twisting it out SLOWLY. This might work ONLY if
> remaining part of the bolt is not jammed or stripped into the screw
> walls.
> Just my $.02 and can't hurt to try. The only thing that could
> is the bolt will shear again at the point where you glued it.
> Bryon
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> >
> >
> > Indeed the problem is bad... that part I'm holding is supposed
to be
> > at least 3/4 of an inch long. The rest is in the mount.
> >
> > Pete
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