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You can protect the threads from the glue by putting wax at the interface of the bolt and threads. Most glues will not adhear to wax and it forms a fairly good barrier. The thing that troubles me is that enough force was present to shear the bolt. I am not sure this can be done without an easy out. I do think and easy out will work though. Most of us that have had trouble with them were trying to get out wrench-tightened bolt remains, not hand tightened.

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The risk with this approach is that if any of the glue gets into the
threads of the broken off stub, it could end up acting like a thread
locker, making the broken piece difficult to remove at all, even with
proper equipment.


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> If the screw part that is still in the mount is not stripped or
> jammed into the thread wall maybe try crazy glueing, or some other
> strong epoxy, the knob back onto the bolt and let it set for maybe a
> day and then try twisting it out SLOWLY. This might work ONLY if the
> remaining part of the bolt is not jammed or stripped into the screw
> walls.
> Just my $.02 and can't hurt to try. The only thing that could happen
> is the bolt will shear again at the point where you glued it.
> Bryon
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> > Indeed the problem is bad... that part I'm holding is supposed to be
> > at least 3/4 of an inch long. The rest is in the mount.
> >
> > Pete
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