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Sadly, while setting up today in my yard, I went to tighten one of
my RA clutch knobs on my AP900 and it snapped off in my hand. It
broke off about 5mm down, so that I can just see about 2 mm of the
bolt inside of it. The rest of the shaft is no doubt stuck down in
the hole it screws into.
There are a number of ways to tackle this if you want to avoid
letting a machine shop or AP do it.
Based on what you've described I can tell you how I would go
about things, given the described problem, and also assuming that the
end of the bolt can't/shouldn't be exceptionally tight in the threaded
hole. Hopefully no more than hand tight.
Take a small center-punch and carefully try to place a small
center-punch mark in the center of the broken shaft. Then take a very
small drill bit (about 1/16") and carefully and slowly drill a pilot
hole through the center-punch mark. Go slowly and carefully so you
don't break the drill bit. Drill to whatever depth makes sense, based
on the following step.
Get, buy, rent, a set of EZ-outs. Drill the recommended size
larger hole for the selected size EZ-out, by drilling into the smaller
pilot hole. Finally, use the EZ-out to extract the broken bolt, and
be careful not to break the EX-out.
If a decent amount of force won't back it out then go with a
larger size hole and larger EZ-out, if possible, before using more
force than the smaller tools will handle.

A couple of questions...

Is there a way for me to get the shaft out?

Can I order a replacement?
Of course.

Am I stuck sending my RA assembly back to AP :-(
Not necessarily.

Any danger of me using it this way until a convenient time?
I would suspect there's no danger at all in using it.


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