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> The command protocol docs state that there are known issues with
these commands in CP1 & 2. Here's the language in the doc: ' Note
for versions D, KD, E, KE, E1 and KE1: The horizon check command does
not work properly. It does work properly in versions C and KC.' I
haven't a clue to what 'doesn't work properly' means though.
However, this does implies it works with all versions of
CP3......but, I don't see a way to query for the CP model so there's
no way for the SW to be choosy that I can find. I suppose it is up
to the end user to determine if they can use this feature based on
the hardware they own.
> I don't think this is related to what you have reported with the
site longitude.
> Chuck

Which command protocol doc talks about the horizon check not working?
Mine does not work but I figured that out the hard way and ended up
implementing this function on my own.


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